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Disruptive-Creative - Brand Awareness, Guerrilla Marketing & Viral Video

Welcome to a free online seminar "Disruptive-Creative - Brand Awareness, Guerrilla Marketing Viral Video", which will be broadcast online on April, 14 2020 (Tuesday) from 07:00 PM. The lecturer is Vasil Tuchkov.

Тhe seminar will be held in Еnglish.

За Семинара

A Masterclass, based on actual award-winning field-work from the world of:
- Branding, Guerrilla Marketing, Functional Design, Viral Video Production;
- For clients such as: RedBull, Burton, Comedy Central, Audi, and more;
- Custom-tailored for for the use of current or future Creative Directors, Entrepreneurs and Marketing executives. 

The course will capture the entire process from BRAINSTORMING to going VIRAL
- How to come up with ideas that stick? How to make these ideas fly?
- Building or [re]Building a brand inside-out;
- Creating unique content that is relevant internationally and stands the test of time;
- Copywriting, Designing, Video Production [script, directing, producing, promoting];
- Mass effect at the cost of pennies? What is Guerrilla Marketing? Field examples and exercises;
- Growing and Sustaining Brand-Awareness;
- Converting Awareness into Sales/Patience Comes to Those Who Wait, Glory to Those Who Strike First and Last;
- Maintaining Successful Momentum;
- Staying inspired, Sustaining Relationship with the Muse.

За Лектора

Vasil Tuchkov

Tuchkov is the founder and Head of Creative of StudioRubik - the Disruptive-Creative Agency, specialised in banding and guerrilla marketing videos with 50+ million views, worldwide. With award-winning work for clients such as: RedBull, Audi, Burton, Trading 212, Viacom, Comedy Central, Sony. He is also the Co-Founder of a blockchain full-service company, and and up-and-coming B2C marketplace. His work includes creative & marketing campaigns with viral reach in the UK, USA, Japan, Brazil, and Bulgaria. Prior experience includes directing creative strategies for start-ups and enterprises as Head of Creative and Art Director in the Scotland and the Netherlands. 

He has spoken at forums, conferences and seminars, such as:
Telelink: https://www.facebook.com/icocreativelab/videos/599364843812308/;
Saatchi&Saatchi: https://www.facebook.com/SaatchiBG/videos/10154279147047135/;
TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kflBzHcwghI;
- American University in Bulgaria Alumni;
- Published Novelist [fiction works can be found in English, Bulgarian and Russian].
Vasil Tuchkov photo